Libertarians and Abortion – Part 4 of 4: An analogy backfires

continued from part 3, here In part 3, Father James Sadowsky answered Murray Rothbard’s assertion that an unwanted, unborn child is a trespassing parasite upon the body of its own mother. In closing his reply to Sadoswky, Rothbard cited an analogy first proposed by Judith Jarvis Thomson in “A Defense of Abortion” (1971). Rothbard wrote:

Libertarians and Abortion – Part 3 of 4: A libertarian debate

continued from part 2, here In applying the non-aggression principle to abortion, the cordial sparring of two libertarians, one pro-life and the other pro-choice, is instructive. Murray Rothbard (1926–1995) was an American economist, teacher and writer, a student of Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises and regarded by many as the foremost libertarian scholar of the

Libertarians & abortion – Part 1 of 4: The Catholic position

Many libertarians believe the ancient issue of abortion will disappear in a libertarian society. This is because the pro-choice position is often mistakenly thought to be inherent in libertarianism. The misconception that a libertarian is “socially liberal and economically conservative” is so common and so misleading, it is no wonder that few people understand that


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